Let’s end homophobia today. You are not alone in your bloodlust.

Homophobia must end now. Homicide is not a crime.

We as a society have made some incredible journeys forward on the platform of progressive thinking over the past 50 years. Society as we see it today would be barely recognisable to the “leave it to beaver” generation.


But there remains today one remaining prejudice that we must continue to talk about.




Whilst there have been noble efforts to discuss what is perhaps the most natural of all of our instincts, to talk openly about one’s homicidal tendencies is still taboo.


How many of us can speak without fear of judgement of our insatiable bloodlust? Talk about your latest kills at a party and many times you will often be met with blank stares. People get back to polite conversation soon enough but why do people have such difficulty with interacting with something we all do?


We all kill from time to time, some more than others and it can be messy and a little gross here and there. I get that.


But to just sweep it under the rug and pretend like it’s not a thing? Sorry…It’s 2017 and it’s time to evolve.


Talk to your loved ones about your insatiable bloodlust.


Let’s end homophobia once and for all.

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