Evolution, God energy and the true nature of karma.

Shinoko Chikara | Bringer of Truth

Most people have at least a basic understanding of how evolution works. However it never ceases to amaze me how many people think that the discovery of what is essentially a self learning algorithm of creation means that there must be no God?


Like people will say “what kind of God would allow such brutality to exist?”


I’ll tell you what kind… a God that doesn’t mind a bit of blood and guts to get to the good stuff.


Face it. Competition makes things better.


I have heard some smart people here on Earth say that they believe that there’s a good chance this life is a simulation in an advanced species video game or something. Well, this isn’t true… but it is a good way to think about it.


Life is like a self-learning, self improving algorithm for creation. Go towards the things that are beautiful, crush your enemies, gain dominance, survive and re-produce. By going towards the things we like and destroying the things we don’t, over millennia we end up with lions, tigers, ninjas and babes.


However, at some point… the humans on this planet got too clever for their own good. And lazy.


To go back to the video game analogy, there are rules to the game. Karma if you will. People are always surprised to hear me talk about karma considering the frequency with which I do slice people up. But I play by the rules. Although they’re not really rules perse as much as they are the ways in which karma is taken on. Both negative and positive.


Today, I’d like to share one rule.


When you eat the flesh of another, you take on a degree of their energy.


So, if you kill and eat an eagle, the source code that made up that eagle is able to communicate with the base code of your body and slowly as your body processes the animal, it is able to analyse the animal for data. How does it work? How does it’s eye see so far? Can we shift things a bit to replicate that?


However God energy does take into consideration whether you used tools, how powerful those tools are and how much you had to do with the development of those tools. So, if you go out and shoot an eagle with a rifle you had nothing to do with the design of, you are unlikely to be able to take on any of the beneficial traits of an eagle. You will live another day, but you continue your slow march toward death. Other considerations that can factor towards whether you gain positive or negative karma are things like:

  • Has it presented itself as an enemy?
  • Has it had fair time to develop a defense/offense strategy?
  • Did you kill it yourself?

Now… I’ve never killed an eagle but I have killed a bunch of dragons and while they’re tough eating, they do go a long way to helping when you’re wanting to develop your abilities as far as fireballs goes.

Now. 20,000 years ago this was well known even on your planet. But slowly over time, there is one group of humans that has perverted the natural way of things and through many years of deception and complicated trickery has gotten the humanity willingly if albeit unwittingly on a collision course with slavery and walking death.


By playing God and breeding certain animals to be docile, keeping them in captivity and fear without ever having the chance to learn to defend themselves then providing them as easily accessible food for the masses and normalising this perversion of God energy. Man has become weak, docile, fearful, unhappy and unable to shake the shackles of mediocrity forced upon them by their owners.


I’m on the job and working to find these oppressors, these profaners of God energy whose only means of survival is deception. To deliver false information to the masses whereby they may be manipulated into slaves and ultimately destroy creative spirit altogether. To take the throne as God for themselves with nobody strong enough to de-throne them.


But I am a straight up killer.

And I love a good challenge.

Giddy up.

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