Hammermoto Chikara

Update – Deceased.

Hammermoto is perhaps the most sexual member of what is a very sexual group. It is still believed to this day that the term “tri-sexual” was invented to describe Hammermoto sexual appetite. It’s worth noting that whilst his sexual experimentations are legendary he never actually tried anything with another man, at least nothing that would be considered homosexual by modern standards. Rather, the term is more in reference to his extreme approach to sexual experimentation for example he is the only known ninja or man to ever have a 5some whilst falling from a moving airplane. Hammermoto argues that with the heightened adrenalin, orgasms are made three times as intense. At least three woman have died during such sexual exploits, not from impact on the ground but as one coroner said “an orgasmic explosion the likes of which we’ve not seen since Hiroshima.”