Hiroshi Chikara

Update – Deceased

Hiroshi is the more disgruntled of the brothers Chikara and is a man of only a few words. Whilst the other brothers like to exchange a few words before battle in order to heighten the sense of drama, Hiroshiis more likely to decimate his enemies with brute force without engaging in such arguably tedious distractions. He has thus far refused to take part in the Flip Out Intensity (F.O.I.) testing. The only statement heard from the man regarding his refusal to undergo testing was “I refuse to take a test that serves no purpose other than to inflate your ego and give your enemies an indication of the force they are up against. You want to see my F.O.I.? By all means, I’m right here.” That being said his brothers believe that if tested, his F.O.I. would be around the million mark.