Born in 1772 he spent the first 100 years of life, learning how to kill you. Shinoko Chikara is the eldest of the Brothers Chikara and ever since their Sensei Matsimoko Bentai died he has taken over the role of leader of the Chikara Clan. He, like his brothers, enjoys killing and intercourse with attractive women. Honorably, Shinoko believes in the killing only of those people who are dickheads. This is an ideal that he enforces among his brothers and thus the brothers will only kill a man if he is truly a dickhead. Shinoko once flew to Spain to murder a man whose youtube video comment displeased him slightly. He made the man watch his own video a total of 6,245 times (which was the amount of views it had had at that time) he then said “You now know the pain of those who came before you” Shinoko then grabbed the mans computer screen and slammed it over the mans head killing him almost immediately.