Televised sport is for weak people with no identity

I’m sick people of people who insist on bragging about their team winning or crying when their team loses. Who cares? Why should anybody? What connection do you feel to these people? A group of men on a field playing children’s games against each other? People you probably wouldn’t even get along with should you meet them. Could you even have a conversation with half of them? It doesn’t make sense. I suppose I wouldn’t mind people watching it if they only knew how ridiculous they were for doing it… “I know it’s crazy to want to watch men run into each other for 80 minutes but I don’t know, it helps take my mind off how meaningless the rest of my life is.” The person who says those words will receive a slap on the back, a merry word and will leave with his life spared.

            So, it’s not the watching of sports that gets me going, it’s how seriously people want to take it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good thing that we as a society have provided entertainment for people who don’t like anything too tricky to follow like “dialogue” or “a storyline” that you might find in say a movie. It’s fair that everybody should have a form of entertainment catered to their intelligence level. Just don’t pretend that it’s anything more than very, very simple entertainment.

All I’m asking for is for a greater level of honesty.

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