The marketplace of ideas needs more blood.

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Motherfucker to the max

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Unless by sword you mean that thing you can stab people with.


There’s been a lot of talk lately about what’s acceptable in the marketplace of ideas. Is it ok to punch a nazi? The conversation started after a fellow by the name of Richard Spencer got punched in the face. Apparently he is a nazi, apparently not the type of nazi that punches back.


But whether it’s a nazi, people who use the hashtag #friyay, someone wearing an Ed Hardy shirt, anyone holding any type of a sign on any side of any particular protest… a punch in the face can be a useful tool in destroying ideas or trends that you don’t much warm to.


Violence is essential in promulgating good ideas. Introducing a bit of violence to the equation ensures that only the strongest ideas survive. In a political climate with so much noise, this is an important filter that must be applied if we want to move towards any type of sensible solution to the nonsense going on here on Earth right now.


Now, I’m not the first person to say this.


Many have been saying: “Yes it’s ok to punch a nazi.” However, I get the feeling that these people saying this have not thought this through very well and it’s most important that you do.


I get the feeling that many of these voices have in their heads that they will see someone that either someone they follow on twitter or Huffpost, Buzzfeed or whatever has labelled a nazi and will punch this person and this person will go down and then leave the scene to think about what they’ve done.


What happens when this nazi goes to punch you back? Perhaps a scenario like this?


Nazi Puncher: “Oh no you don’t understand, I think you’ll find that I was within my rights to punch you in the face so I’d prefer it that you don’t punch me back.”


Nazi: “Oh, because I thought that when you punched me you were saying that you no longer wanted to engage in debate and that we should now move forward toward a bloody battle whereby the victors will re-build the world in their image.”


Nazi Puncher: “Oh no quite the contrary, I was thinking… yeah. I just really felt like a punch was in order but let’s just leave it at that.”


Nazi: “Oh ok I see the problem. But well, the punch has really gotten the old adrenals going and I actually brought some brass knuckles for just such an occasion so yeah I’m going to get my punch on.”


So you see the nazi puncher really hasn’t prepared. Preparation is so important here.

Not that I’m taking sides. I just think that the world would be a better place if we all punched each other a bit more rather than all this talking.


So you need to find yourself a decent Sensei and get to learning the ancient ways of stabs in the face and face melting. I’m not sure that there are all that many good Sensei’s here on Earth at the moment but if you want to try and find one, try climbing some really high mountains, on planet Ninjitsu that’s where we normally would find them although it’s been so long since I ever looked for one but yeah normally at the peak of the tallest mountains you’ll find a nightclub owned by a good Sensei.


Just wait there outside and offer to serve drinks for babes for a while in return for room and board, then when you’ve earned their trust every now and then ask them how to shoot a fireball, pop a boner or punch a face. Normally Sensei’s are pretty open to that once they get to know you.


Good luck and feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or comments on


I’m here to help.


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