Time to end sexism on Earth

Shinoko Chikara | Bringer of Truth

Shinoko Chikara | Bringer of truth

Sexism. It’s everywhere.

Take the Olympics for example, why does segregation of the sexes continue to this day? Because men are faster? Well… only because women only have other women to compete against. Put them all together and the women will get their act together rather swiftly I imagine.

I remember the first time someone took me to a martial arts tournament here on Earth. At some point it was explained to me that the women were in a separate division to the men. I couldn’t believe it. Like… but how do you figure out who the best fighter is? It’s just this exact sort of patriarchal attitude that has held women back on this planet.


“Sorry, but we don’t think you stand a chance so you don’t even get the opportunity to compete against us”.


Excuse me, but that is just plain sexist.


On my home planet of Ninjitsu, it’s all a free for all. We don’t really have tournaments per se… but if a woman is acting like a jerk, a showdown will commence. I haven’t seen one win one yet, but they’d put the pain on any man on Earth I can tell you that.

End gender segregation.

End Sexism.





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